What is BleuMeet?

BleuMeet Is the WORLD’S FIRST PRIVATE SOCIAL MEDIA PUBLISHER That Is Made Especially For Your Private Group Chat Invite Customers, Community, Members & Friends, and Family. Setup Private Networks For Your Customers & Earn Recurring Income.

Why is BleuMeet required for social marketing?

Setup your own private social network under your own brand to grow your customers, communities, membership’s without the hassle of malicious sites hacking your network easy to use both visually & functionally.

What can BleuMeet 2.0 do what I cannot do on my own?

You cannot set-up your private social groups, meeting, events or create custom chats with high quality video uploads with high definition without the help of this software. We have built a sophisticated private social network with easy to use standardized collaboration.

How can I setup my private social network with BleuMeet? 

To setup your private social network you will need the following:

  1. A free domain to setup the private social network.
  2. Settings will be provided to update from the hosting provider.
  3. After settings updated, tech team will verify the settings.
  4. Your private social network details will be shared to you via email / support ticket.

Can a user create photo albums in BleuMeet?

Yes, a user can create UNLIMITED photo albums BleuMeet.

How users can get benefit from BleuMeet?

Members can search their colleagues across the globe, convert your marketing strategy, usable information; make it into a secure usable experience.

Do I have to download BleuMeet?

No, you do not have to download anything BleuMeet is a complete web based application that is usable only with an active internet connection.

What is the benefit of BleuMeet 2.0?

Earn more money in less time with your business niche, BleuMeet 2.0 provides better accessibility options to your members. A user can invite UNLIMITED community members without any hassle.

Can a user get a customized application for its private social network?

Yes, a user can get a custom application on both android & iOS platforms , contact us on info@bleumeet.com for your queries.

How to join BleuMeet?

A user needs to provide a domain name and have the name servers and A-records updated for our team to point their servers and generate a private social network.

What can be done in BleuMeet 2.0?

  • -Pages support.
  • -Groups support.
  • -New UI.
  • -Third-Party ads support.
  • -Email list and sending support.
  • -Forum creation support.
  • -Products market support.
  • -Events support. Which BleuMeet 1 didn’t have

How many pages can be created in BleuMeet?

You can create UNLIMITED pages in BleuMeet 2.0, share your page link to your members externally and let them join your private social network.

Is there any limitation on video/ image uploading in BleuMeet?                 

NO, as such there is no limit on uploading videos/images in your BleuMeet account.

Does BleuMeet comes with any admin panel for social privacy?

BleuMeet administrator can control misuse, violation & other social media related abuses with a few clicks of a mouse. BleuMeet can setup under a custom domain of your choice, logo or design in some cases.

How many languages does BleuMeet 2.0 support?

BleuMeet 2.0 supports various multi language support such as English, Arabic, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Turkish there are more to come in the near future.

How many friends can be added in BleuMeet?

There is no limit to add friends in BleuMeet , a user can add UNLIMITED friends in their private social network .

 Can any user search with keywords in BleuMeet?

Users can search with keywords to join their desire groups, like their desired pages and add their friends in BleuMeet.

Is there a refund policy for the BleuMeet?

We are 100 percent sure that with the power that you are being offered for a just a tiny whisker of an amount you will never ever think of a refund, but if just in case you decide to get a refund all your money will be refunded we have a 30 day no questions asked refund policy.