Frequently Asked Questions

BleuMeet is the WORLD’S FIRST PRIVATE SOCIAL MEDIA PUBLISHER that is made especially for your private group chat Invite Customers, Community, Members & Friends, and Family. Setup Private Networks for Your Customers & Earn Recurring Income.

Setup your own private social network under your own brand to grow your customers, communities, memberships .without the hassle of malicious sites hacking your network easy to use both visually & functionally.

members can search their colleagues across the globe. convert your marketing strategy, usable information; make it into a secure usable experience.

No you don’t have to download anything BleuMeet is completely web based application that is usable only with an active internet connection.

Earn More MONEY In Less Time With Your Business Niche.
Provide Better Accessibility Options To Your Members.
Invite Community Members Without Any Hassle.
Achieve A Higher Member Count.

You can’t set-up your private social groups, meeting, events or create custom chats with high quality video uploads with high definition without the help of this software. We have built a sophisticated private social network with easy to use standardized collaboration.